Imago is a fashion–illustrators contest taking place in Kyiv (Ukraine) since 2012.

In 2016 there were 278 participants from 15 countries.

There were multiple judges throughout the years: Richard Kilroy, Caroline Andrieu, Spiros Halaris and other professionals.

The competition is held in two nominations: 'Traditio' and 'Innovatio'.
The nomination 'Traditio' accentuates the professional skills in traditional graphic techniques.
The nomination 'Innovatio' is devoted to the search of a new imagery in the fashion-illustration.

Olha Zadybchuk
'Traditio' Nomination
'Innovatio' Nomination
Liliia Chavaha
Mariia Havryliuk
'Traditio' Nomination
'Innovatio' Nomination
Olha Usiichuk
Anna Khomenko
'Traditio' Nomination
'Innovation' Nomination
Yana Chervinska


The main target of Imago is to establish professional contacts among illustrators and other representatives of fashion industry.

We will be delighted to welcome your participation in Imago.